Investment Strategy Consulting

Mobile and Cellular Industry

The rapid evolution of mobile and cellular technologies creates a myriad of investment opportunities for private equity and venture capital from leveraged buyouts (LBOs) to corporate spinouts to investments in new ventures. The work often requires due diligence in a short period of time and experienced executives
who can deliver an assessment of the viability of business plans, management teams and new markets.

Network of Experts in Wireless (NEW)

A network of managerial, financial and technology executives is critical to asking and answering the right questions before any investment.

Through years of collaborative development and introduction of new products into market, we are able to assemble quickly a team of wireless experts for specific project needs. These include mobile operations executives, wireless systems and semiconductor architects and developers, outstanding marketers and business
development leaders.

The New Energy Sector

In addition, from our California location, we are in the center of development of new information technology for energy management including real-time electricity pricing solutions, solar technology development and other energy application
management solutions.